Han Kang: "The Vegetarian"

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Han Kang: "The Vegetarian"

I am a big headed stubborn know it all. That is why I don't read hyped books. And of course because I refuse to be just another shrimp in a sea of mindless gambas that reads the same damn book and then everyone gushes over how brilliant that book is. Yes, my all time favourite book might be Crime and Punishment, and that is why it can't be yours. See how grown up I am? Turning 30 has done me some real good, huh?

It is why I am not reading A Little Life right now, or why it took me forever to read Unter Leuten. Fucking brilliant, btw, the latter. So when I went to the Berlin International Literature Festival last year I went to see my brilliant friend Shumona Sinha. But every time I hung out in the lobby, the cover of this one book would continue to haunt me. But everyone talked about it, because she also had just won the 2016 Man Booker International Prize. Everyone was excited about Han Kang's reading so obviously the petty child that I am I stopped giving a fuck.

Until the other night. After a long ass walk and playground around Moabit we ended up at the Buchkantine (took us only like three years), which btw has a separate area for children to play and read, but they can't escape from it! And you can watch and still eat and have a drink! The children's play area just so happens to be right next to the English book section. (Maybe internationals are happier to drop their munchkins of?)

And there it was. Again. The Vegetarian. UGH FINE I thought and bought it. I rarely buy new books. I have a whole life philosophy on not buying new shit (zero waste, our planet, greed, capitalism, etc) but then again I am also a grown woman and can do whatever the fuck I want.

So I read it without knowing what to expect. And let me tell you, everything written by all these smart journalists and of course Ian McEwan is true. It is indeed both terrifying and terrific, brilliant, mind-blowing, spellbinding and exquisite.

And super fucking weird. And let's not forget, hot. There is some very hot longing and fucking in this book. So weird and sexual and hardcore that I couldn't stop reading it. Oh I love when that happens. That's what literature should be like. You read that first page or chapter and you can't stop.

Go ahead, read The Vegetarian by Han Kang. You will be so weirded out and in love that you'll just read it again. Because look at these quotes:

There was nothing there except the exact same terror which she herself was feeling.

Time was a wave, almost cruel in its relentlessness as it whisked her life downstream, a life which she had to constantly strain to keep from breaking apart.

Through the sheer inertia of a life lived in this way, she would have been able to conquer everything, even time.

Plus the cover love for #thevegetarian on Insta is very real! 

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