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Glorious Feminist Art by Cécile Dormeau

Glorious Feminist Art by Cécile Dormeau

You will never need to check out another artist or illustrator ever again, believe me, because now you will know about Cécile Dormeau. She is glorious. She makes me laugh, cringe and nod at the same time. She is a feminist. She is inclusive. She is body positive. And I have no clue what she looks like, I also don’t care, she’s just this insanely talented French woman living in Offenbach am Main, Germany and producing intelligent art. I got to ask her a few questions (#blessed). Check out her Tumblr or Instagram and watch out for her Online Shop coming soon.

Where or how do you find inspiration?

I just draw what is around me in my dailylife. All the observations I can make in my drawings are about my feelings, the late-night /drunk talks I have with friends, my sisters’s craziness, people I happened to see on the street, something I’ve read. Anything really.  Drawing things which are not often brought out in the daylight,taboos, etc are the main themes that I like to work with. I want to celebrate imperfection!

What makes you happy?

The support of my followers 😉

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You’ve obviously been praised a lot and people love your stuff (I know I do!). You’re so honest and we are all about honesty. Is there a topic you have not touched yet or you do not want to discuss?

Honesty is a very important for me in my job. People know me mainly for my body positive illustrations, but there are so much other topics to explore (I would like to show soon illustrations I made about hating your job). I mainly speak about topics who speak to me, if I am honest to myself, I know other people will recognize themselves in it.

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

Hazelnut <3

What can be frustrating for you in your daily life and how do you cope with frustration?

Working at home all day is sometimes really hard! That’s why I try to always have time to go out and make something else, go for a walk, see people…

If you’re not a mother… is this a conscious decision? Do people get on your nerves with the talk about wanting babies?I don’t think about being a mom at the moment, I still have time and I want to focus on my illustrations. I have people around be starting to be parents, and other who don’t think about it yet. The only thing who get on my nerves are parents sharing too much pictures on their babies on Social Medias all the time 😉

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Is there a food you love that others might find weird? Can you recommend any odd drink or food?

Stinky cheese !!!

How did you end up doing what you’re doing?

I was unemployed since a few months as a graphic designer. I didn’t find any job so I start making my blog with my illustrations.

Do you have a morning routine?


When do you work best?

At morning, early 🙂

What is the “Schminke” in your life, meaning, what makes your life beautiful?

Even if my life is quite tough at the moment financially speaking, I know I took the chance to wake up everyday to work in something I love.

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